Smart Translations App Makes Language Barriers Dissappear

If your Company is one of the many around the world that works with customers and clients around the globe, then chances are you have found communication to be a stumbling block of epic proportions at times. The language barrier is a constant headache for each and every industry in a worldwide economy where globalization of business is necessary to obtaining a viable business that remains in a constant state of growth.

Simon Wilby, CEO and founder of Smart Translations LLC, explains: “Our underlying goal is to offer the world a platform from which all people regardless of their diverse language origins can connect with other people and network on an international level without barriers that occur when crossing over borders.

The application, is similar to instant messaging chat apps and functions much like any other messenger, however allows users to type in their own language, and the recipients to receive messages translated in the language or dialect of their choice. Users have a choice of 53 different languages available to them for translating.

In addition, Smart Translations is also launching an update to include a video conferencing function in addition to the 53 language text translations, meaning that members can at that time use their account for a broader translating range of networking and connection options. With these two functions, Smart Translations is aiming to help common people and businesses continue to expand, and find new never before realized opportunities for communications worldwide.

This sudden capability to communicate in an array of different languages has the potential to make a huge impact on the way the world does many things including they way we do business. And, with the development of further technologies, which will allow video conferencing calls to also be audibly translated in real-time, the world looks like it will continue to get smaller as technological innovations advance through our technology.

It may sound unbelievable given the ability of many online translations tools commonly available, but the technology of translations has improved immeasurably in the past 5 years, and a new productivity application called Smart Translations is using the most cutting edge mechanisms to maximize efficiency and accuracy of translating real time text video and voice conversations of users in real-time through the use of the application.

The Smart Translations App results from years of work by our developers, years of work by our researchers, and now is being developed jointly by The Smart Translations Team. It’s demo shows real-time audio translation from English to Spanish and vice versa, combining The Smart Translations Application with voice and instant messenger technologies, and neural network-based speech recognition. The Smart Translations App is a great example of why Simon Wilby invests in translations related research. We’ve invested in speech recognition, automatic translation and machine learning technologies for years, and now they’re emerging as important components in this more personal computing era.

The potential here in this sector of technology is every bit as exciting as the many Star Trek examples. Smart Translations opens up so many possibilities to make meaningful connections in ways you never could before in education, diplomacy, and multilingual families and in business.

In the meantime, the translator chat application may go a long way to for those businesses who you’ve been dealing with when it comes to trading worldwide. Or if you’ve been thinking about expanding business overseas, but were worried that communication would be a costly and time consuming problem, then new technology such as Smart Translations will soon be the solution to your problem.

The Smart Translations Application itself will be available across a number of devices and computing platforms. If you aren’t already using The Smart Translations Application for voice and video calls, I encourage you to download The Smart Translations Application and start translating your every message today.

Of course, The Smart Translations Application in the classroom has already been helping to break down the barriers of expensive travel costs and connect classes from around the globe, enabling them to collaborate together, and the Smart Translations App could enhance classrooms by facilitating students to communicate more fluidly and naturally with students from any country, for the intermediate or advanced foreign languages courses at school, college or university. Imagine teachers and lecturers designing homework assignments around The Smart Translations Application technology. For example, say we were in a Spanish class; the teacher or lecturer could set students assignments focused around gathering information from a partnered German or Italian student. Practicing their aural skills using The Smart Translations Applications technology, which is fun may well motivate more students to practice their learning and in the long term, enjoy learning languages even more.

“We as dreamers, often speak about pursuing big, bold dreams, and of how we’re limited only by the power of our imaginations. The Smart Translations App is one of those endeavors that breaks limits, our journey to break down another barrier of human productivity and multilingual connections has been finally realized.” Simon Wilby 2014

It is my personal belief that the impact the Smart Translations App will have in education is phenomenal. The rich translation features will certainly aid students with their studies by enabling them to chat with students from around the globe with ease. For those students who are pursuing multilingual education, they will soon be able to practice in real-time with students from overseas, which makes learning a language a more level playing field, enabling those that cannot afford to do exchanges to nonetheless learn from each other and build friendships around the world. This is an unprecedented opportunity for students to become foreign exchange students without even leaving their Country of origins.

Being able to communicate in foreign languages is not merely an asset which could broaden students’ future opportunities in business, but is the doorway for students to open their minds and explore diverse cultures, pick up on those quirky nuances and most importantly, communicate and learn from people. The Smart Translations App is a vehicle that could will certainly bridge the many cultural differences abroad and empower students to collaborate with others from around the world instantly.


Professional And State Of The Art Translations With Smart Translations App

Well-designed translations application that could also do cross translations is such a rarity in the real world these not unless you spend for something that would normally cost a fortune. If you are ever looking for a professional and state of the art technology, you would never believe it could exist all in a tiny application that contains various features in it as well. Smart Translations app is one of the series of smart phone application which you could practically use not purely for translating stuff but also for sending out a message in one desire language into another target language. Sounds complicated? It is not, actually.

Some Straight Facts

There are hundreds of thousands of languages known in the whole world and yet, we only know a handful of them, in which we select the ones that are mainly advantageous to us. Even freelance translators and linguists expect their own selves to know only a few limited number of languages based on a handful of things they have been speaking, have known, heard or studied fully. These limitations are due to the fact that the primary underlying reason we tend to learn another language either by force or inadvertently picking up a few words boils down to economic. And some companies must have slowly forgotten that skills development on the area of language could place them on the lead among other businesses without having to spend a minute on studying one intensively; never forget that time is precious in the world of businesses. So investment into the free and downloadable Smart Translations app which works on translations at real time might be the key to get things done quickly and instantly. The said app is essentially doing tasks of translating documents, data, a note, message or the like using state of the art technology at a professional level, which allows the recipient of the translated message a perfectly put together set of words with the real message retaining its vitality.

Low-Maintenance, Accessible, Reliable Translations

With such minimal fee of $6.99 a year, an app user would get the chance to enjoy unlimited amounts of sending text messages covering around 53 available languages inside the Smart Translations app. In as little as the said amount, imagine the return in productivity in your career while working with people coming from different communication backgrounds from all over the world and just within your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the like mobile gadgets and the app is yours to keep for as long as you want and at anytime you like. More importantly, as an app user, you would be able to get the kind of an expert translator at a most likeable cost.

The Circle Of Language Fun With Smart Translations App

A new language is always exciting as it enables you to keep your ideas fresh and your perspectives open to many possibilities. The beauty in language is when expressed well, it could make any one feel “one” with the rest of the world because of the opportunities that could come along with learning another language. Whether you hear it in a foreign song or watching the news of another country, the sound of foreign languages are so enticing and very promising – all you ever need on this wonderful journey could come straight into your smart phone and in the form of a magnanimous and clever application called Smart Translations app which could perform several cross translations app and various other features.

Some of the special features of the Smart Translations app:

  • Actual translations which happen in a few seconds or as soon as they reach another person’s phone.
  • Supports cross translations app with over 50 known languages worldwide
  • Free translation
  • Free SMS
  • No extra charges for when travelling abroad

Plus, you only need an upgrade of $6.99 in annual fees in order to enjoy to the fullest the translation features which are very impressive, even linguists and professional translators would highly recommend this kind of app. And also, it is the only one thus far that exists in the market so the benefits of enjoying a pioneering app is all in your hands. You could download the application into your iPad, iPhone or iPod and it is yours to keep whether you are working on a document, data or a single paragraph, this application is ready to translate anything that you would like. There would be no looking back once you have the application in your gadget or high tech mobile device.

Smart Translations app keeps you abreast with your friends spread across the world and wherever you go, whoever you would meet, you always have a real companion that could work wonders more than a dictionary because cross translations app provides the fastest results that scouring the Internet for a few ideas or meaning of a word. It is like you are learning as you go and with the beneficial effects on brushing up a particular language for example, you would only grow more in confidence of being able to express something in a language other than what you know.

For sure there would be more opportunities to discover for the users of this application and it does not end on merely sending a message that would be translated into the target language, but also it is about building friendships, stronger international collaboration, and just simply being able to widen your horizon about the world at large.

Smart Translations – Bringing The World Of Languages Together With A Single Tiny App

Need to come together with a group of business partners that speak a language different than your own? There is a way to get around this problem and it is not about getting to their place or setting up a web meeting at some well-known web hosting site; nor is it a computer program which you are required to install on your computer. In essence it is a tiny smart phone application which has quite magnanimous functions and enables you to get quick and instant results. We are talking about the Smart Translations app – a single application which has the capacity to bring order in your multi-lingual band of people to get in touch with. The same app is responsible with cross translations app that basically does the translation in your behalf– no tricks involved and not even a third party application because everything is found inside it.

Built-In Personal Translator

In the world of business, people are constantly on the move and money is of the essence, hence precious time is not to be wasted in search of a single word for example. Language and communication are the appetizers, so to speak, in order to bring to a close a much-hoped for business deal; and these vital elements are included in the Smart Translations app. So it is really possible for you to get the chance to communicate with a certain business partner in their desired language just by simply typing in a message or a long note in your own language first and then you could indicate their language in which they are supposed to receive it and – voila – it works like magic. That is the beauty of cross translations app since it does the job of translating anything you type in or that you copy or paste into the message box.

Erasing Cultural Boundaries and Language Gaps

And while you are at it, the possibilities and opportunities for you are endless: you could polish a long-forgotten language which you have learned years prior, brush up on your rustic French, pick up a German business term or two, and even try to discover the meaning of a particular word which your Portuguese business partner loves to constantly use in each and every meeting you have with them. These tasks are quite easy since you have a very reliable Smart Translations app on your smart phone and also because the languages available in the cross translations app have about 53 and so it is really the smartest app you could ever find to work wonders not only for your business relationships but also your personal friendships and acquaintances. And it stays right inside your smart phone.

Bridging the Language Gap With A Cross Translations App

Connecting with the world digitally is not quite unusual these days anymore, given the many opportunities and avenues in which this possibility could come true and would continue to grow in the years to come and in the future. Each one of us gets closer to one another despite the enormity of distance and space that separate us; gaps and barriers are amended with a quick chat on the internet, a random phone call from some different time zone, and also a text message that was carefully thought out by the person who wrote and sent it to another person. Glitches are normal and even the incapacity of speaking another language would not amount to any of the slightest dents in the relationships or partnerships. But would it not be better that we spoke the same language, albeit haltingly, in order to exchange the most meaningful of messages? Of course, it would take some time to learn and become completely adept at using and speaking another language other than your own – there is no end in the possibilities in what technology could do, therefore, a very smart application called Smart Translations app has been developed in order to build the bridge and take down the wall that may impede our virtual lack of foreign language abilities. With this application and its cross translations app feature, the longer we use it, the better we could become in it.

Smart Translations app caters to the needs of app users that aim not primarily at learning a crash course in a language, but more of getting instant results while they could save on the resources that are involved in learning a particular language. While you may think this is a plain dictionary application, you might be wrong in the fact that it is only that. Dictionary features is just one of the little things inside this cross translations app as it has the capability to do several consecutive tasks; cross translation happen when you are typing a message in one language and as it is sent out, the receiver gets the message that could be in the intended language for them to read. Interestingly enough, the task of translation does not cost a thing, even it if was sent to another country of the person with a different mobile phone carrier, as opposed to the more profit-oriented translations services.

Imagine the time and effort that could be saved in the whole process of translation and delivery of the message at such impossibly low rates – only Smart Translations app with its cross translations app feature has that kind and impeccable quality of service in the realm of mobile phone applications. Surely you might be able to say it is a cut above the rest.

Smart Translations Tutorial – Guide for Newbies

Thousands of applications are downloaded each day by mobile phone enthusiasts but the one that really caught my attention is the Smart Translations application. This particular application allows mobile users to translate the language of the text message that they have received or about to send in a different dialect besides English. If you have downloaded this application and do not know how to use it, you should read the rest of this article so that you will have an idea how this application works.

1. This application can be used for iPhone, Android phones, iPod Touch and iPad as well. For iPad and iPod Touch users, after downloading the application you will be given a unique 10 digit phone number which you will use to register thus becoming your Smart Translations number for the rest of your life and as long as you use the application. For those who are using their mobile phones, their cell phone number can be used to register to the said program software.
2. The next thing that you need to do is select the language that you are currently using. There are basically 53 languages to choose from so you can select your native language and be able to translate your messages to a different dialect depending on what you receive. The language selection will complete the set up process for this Smart application.
3. After you are done setting up the mobile app, you can start using it already. It is actually that simple. Let us say for example, your native language is French and your friend on the other hand lives in the US. So, you just have to type your message in French and rest assured that the recipient of the text will receive it in English. You do not have to go through a lot of searching on the net just to translate the message that you have received because just by simply having the said application on your phone, you do not have to worry about a single thing.
4. You do not have to feel bad if you receive emails containing certain documents in a different language because you can convert that also. It also works for web contents and web pages. As long as you can copy and paste these texts contents to your mobile phone, you will have the chance to translate it to be able to understand things further.

Indeed, Smart Translations lives up to its name simply because it is a “smart” move on their part to develop an application that will allow mobile users to convert the current language of the texts that they receive in various languages. What is even more beautiful is that people who use this will not be charged for every text sent and every translation done. It is free and after the downloading process and paying the subscription fee, you can start using the services at no extra cost.

Businesses Take Advantage Of Smart Translations App

Business process outsourcing companies have various clients all across the globe and this is the reason why they should download the Smart Translations App in their mobile phones and other Apple gadgets.  These businesses need to be in constant communication with their clients and there are instances wherein they are having a hard time communicating with each other because of the language barrier.  With the help of this particular application, you can basically understand the people you are exchanging texts with even if they are not native English speakers.  Let us discuss this further for you to understand things better and so to identify why companies should take advantage of this particular application.

  • The Smart Translations App is being offered at a very low price.  You just have to pay $6.99 a year to use these amazing features.  Just download the application on your phone and you can start translating your texts messages and send it to your business partners.  They will certainly be amazed and they might even think that you have learned a whole new dialect when in real life it is the application that translates everything for you.
  • It is not just your SMS that will be translated but you are also given the opportunity to translate your emails, certain web pages, documents as well as any other data that you wish to translate to a different language.  So, just in case that your clients send you file that is written in a different language, you do not have to ask somebody else to interpret it for you.  You just have to use the Smart Translations App and you can view the message content in an entirely different language.
  • You do not have to worry if the document cannot be translated according to your preferred language because right now you can translate these documents in 53 languages.  These page translations can serve as your training ground so that you can start learning a new language besides the one that you are accustomed to.  Imagine the convenience of having this application?  Wonderful, right?

One thing you have to remember though, you need to inquire with your mobile carrier if there are extra charges regarding the data packages that are included in your plan so that you can be sure that you can maximize the free promos of the Smart Translation App.  Through this, you can be sure that you will have the right application that is needed in your business for just minimal fees.  Download the application now and let the translation begin.

Deal With 53 Different Languages All At Once With Mobile Smart Translation Application

If you have been amazed with Google translator application, then there is no reason for you to not be astonished with the features of Mobile smart translation application. It is the newest mobile translator application where it allows you to deal with 53 different languages (YES! It literally means 53 translated lingo) in just a single source – your mobile itself.

What you need to do? Firstly, you need to download the application and be sure that it supports your mobile device. It currently supports iPhone, iPod/iPad, Android and Blackberry. Go to any Apple or Android store for more information on how you can be able to grab this software. Once it is installed on your mobile device, you are ready to explore and experience different languages to learn and have fun.

If you are a busy person who wants to learn new languages that you can use on your profession and yet no time to study it, use this smart translation application right away as the most efficient and easiest way to learn 53 common languages instantly. Travelers and expats will get the greatest advantage of using the mobile translator. As they interact with different people, they don’t have to worry with the language barrier issue.

There are several companies that operate their businesses internationally. The needs for them to communicate better with their global clients are very important. The use of smart mobile translations application will allow their customers to connect with them effectively. Learning languages through mobile translator is very easy. Just type the exact word or language and the translated version will appear.

This application is also convenient to use for social networking such as chats and instant messaging. It allows users to interact with friends even with diverse languages and help them translate their exchanging conversations into understandable format. The use of mobile as a way to communicate and understand other languages better are just another brilliant creation. The amazing features it offers will make a lot of difference to regular mobile users to productively use their cellphone.

Smart Translations: Breaking Language Barriers Effectively

Smart Translations is one of the latest applications that you can use for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.  This will allow you to translate your text messages in 53 languages.  Imagine?  You can send different texts to various people in an entirely different dialect.  This is truly amazing especially for people who are having a hard time communicating with their friends who are living in another country.

Smart Translations has its advantages.  Let us identify the benefits of using this application to give you an idea why this is downloading.

  • It is easy to use and with just a few clicks, you can send your texts in a different language other than the one that you are accustomed to.  This will give your friends the impression that you have recently learned a new language when in reality you are just using a particular application to be able to do this.
  • You will have your unique 10 digit translation number.  You are the only one who has access to this number and you need to use this to register to the system.  As soon as you register, you can download the application and start using it already according to your needs.
  • This will give you the value for your money because you just need a few dollars to be able to subscribe to this application.  You can use this for one whole year and you do not have to pay an extra amount every time you use the Smart Translations application.
  • If you are traveling to another country and if you come across your friends who cannot speak the native English language, you can always use this application so that it will be easier for you to understand your friend better.
  • There are no extra costs for every text that you send using the translation application.  You can send out unlimited texts to your friends overseas without having to think of your phone bills.  It is pretty convenient for text enthusiasts who happen to have friends in various parts of the world.
  • It is not just your texts that can be translated to a different language; even your emails, documents and web pages can be translated too.  Cool isn’t it?  Through your continuous usage of this application, the chances of learning a new language is not far from happening.

The Smart Translations is indeed a good innovation that is not just beneficial for businessmen who frequently travel to other countries but it is also helpful to normal human beings who happen to have friends worldwide.  Through this application, language barrier will be a thing of the past thereby allowing the human populace to understand each other better and keeping their communication lines open at all times.

Smart Translations on Blackberry

  1. Go to Our Downloads page using your BlackBerry device and click the ‘Download’ button

  2. If asked “This application does not contain a signature… Do you want to proceed?”, select ‘Yes’

  3. When the application is finished downloading, select ‘Run’. Or go to your Downloads folder and open Smart Translations

  4. Say ‘Yes’ to any requested permissions once you’re inside Smart Translations. That was easy! :)

* IMPORTANT NOTE: RIM has not approved or endorsed Smart Translations App for installation on BlackBerry devices. RIM, BlackBerry, and BlackBerry design elements are trademarks of Research in Motion Ltd.